Subject: RE: CredComm: Situation Status
From: "Keith Langenbeck"
Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 18:31:14 -0500
To: "Marc Taubenfeld" , "Megan Cooley" , "Rudy & Joann Sauseda" , "Art Leerskov"

Gentlemen and Lady:

I am planning on being in FTW on Monday AM. Rudy has a scheduled meeting with the Henderson County Detective in charge of criminal investigation of the take over of the building and the theft of Rudy's property. The key to halting this outrageous theft by Brinkman with the cooperation of the Trustee (in order for him to get paid for that is all he is concerned about) is to force this pre-petition information about Brinkman into the Court Record in front of the Judge.
That is what I have been trying to communicate to the Court. This continued obstruction by Brinkman proves to my satisfaction that he knows that this information will be his un-doing and our success or then why would not let Art in to examine the building? 
I can convince Rudy to be there in FTW on Monday AM if needed and I tend to think he should be there then.
Please email back your comments. We need to communicate over the weekend.

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